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Motivations and Opportunity:

Data from , A Dashboard built by Jaqen, a core team member of veToken Finance

veToken Finance: A long-term solution for ve-projects, utilizing protocol-owned LP

veToken Finance Governance token: VE3D ( Delegated ve(3,3) )

The benefits of Staked ve3D holder:

  • Receive profits generated from owned liquidity, and protocol fees from LP pools (curve, pickle, etc).
  • A liquidity boost package for generic DeFi protocols to improve their liquidity at less cost by using a single token (xVE3D) to vote on all of the gauge weights from the ve-projects that are supported by veToken Finance.
  • With more and more projects starting to adopt the ve-model, xVE3D will be used for permisionsless integrationg of future ve-model projects, and decide bond allocation distributions.

Benefits for regular DeFi liquidity providers:

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