veToken Finance Newsletter — Jan 2022

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4 min readFeb 5, 2022

Hey everyone! Welcome to our monthly newsletter where we share updates regarding veToken Finance Development.

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January 2022 is the month of full accomplishment; we were able to get 3 well-established DeFi projects whitelisted and partnered, with the total TVL of those 3 projects around $400M. Additionally, 5 potential projects that will be adopting the ve-model have engaged with us. From a development point of view, our team has been working hard to push towards finishing the UI design and smart contract integration. Our goal is to launch the first product in Q1, and launch the beta product for public testing by the end of February. We have been working with our advisors and investors for the new tokenomics that aim for long-term sustainable solutions for veToken.

Project Partnerships

This month we made significant progress on project partnerships, with Pickle Finance, Hundred Finance and Snowball network granting the rights to enable our smart contract interactivity with their locking contracts, enabling us to permanently lock their governance token while providing boosted benefits for regular defi users. This is a very big milestone for us. We appreciate their community’s support, as all three on-chain voting events went extremely well, with strong participation.

PICKLE Finance on-chain vote result link.

Hundred Finance on-chain vote result link — And for all four chains.

Snowball on-chain vote result link.

The team has been working with other ve-model projects to figure out the best strategies to collaborate with veToken. There will be more details to be shared throughout the February and March timeframe.

Development updates

Front End:

Our technical and design team have been working to finish the UI that emphasizes user experience, as well as some feature improvements and smart contract integration! We will share more about the new UI later in Feb. Here’s a sneak peak for locking PICKLE:

Smart Contracts:

Based on the feedback from advisors and investors, we have improved our tokenomics model; we will have separate blog and documentation on this topic to follow. Because of this, there are few new smart contracts that have been starting development.

Airdrop Claim And Distribution:

We have generated the PICKLE airdrop, which has been listed and reviewed by the Pickle Team, and have finished the corresponding back-end API and front-end page for the airdrop. We will publish the airdrop list on Twitter so that people can check them.

Next Steps:

  • Release the new tokenomics and documentations for veToken
  • Finishing smart contract development
  • Front end — smart contract integration
  • Continuing to engage with projects that have implemented the ve-model
  • And a secret informative dashboard will be released :)

About veToken

veToken Finance was created in 2021 with the intent of maximizing rewards without sacrificing token accessibility. veToken looks to continue to adopt new voting escrow projects as they come to market, with an expected initial launch date this year. veToken enables and encourages governance, reward maximization, and liquidity — all in one place, encompassing a multitude of projects.

You can learn more about veToken Finance at our website below, and join the conversation with our Twitter and Discord communities below as well.

Stay tuned for more to come from the veToken Finance team.

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